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  • Game area is 5x5 grid that is filled stones with numbers and affected by gravity.

  • Goal is to collect as many Treasure Stones as you can by joining the same number stones in a particular pattern.

  • There are 4 different stones called X, O, L, T that can join the same number stones to collect Treasure Stones.

  • Multiple stones can be joined into a chain for a greater number.

  • Game has Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Mystic levels to complete.

  • Gameplay evolves dramatically with each upgrade.

  • Beautiful Stonehenge night theme. 

"brings a great joy of being able to...THINK. Noticing patterns, seeing few steps ahead, optimizing strategies and busting your way out of the trouble. That gives a true bliss to one’s mind and that is what XOLT is all about!" - Mantas Eigirdas.

October, 2015      May, 2016            Soon...

XOLT delivers addictive, challenging... yet simple gameplay. No time pressure. So many different ways to reach the goal. Trains your mind. Everyone can master it!

XOLT- was inspired by 2048, Chess and Match 3 concepts with some special ingredients from Luminary Soft team during local game jam event in Lithuania, 2015.

It's a remarkable number puzzle game where your try to collect as many treasure stones as you can by joining the same numbers tones in a particular pattern. Inspired by 2048Chess and mystical Stonehenge!

WARNING! Playing XOLT might increase your IQ!


Luminary Soft



March, 2015



Vilnius, Lithuania 



Luminary Soft - founded in Vilnius, Lithuania by a few self funded and passionate game development enthusiasts. Although game industry is getting tougher every day, we stare at the bright feature as our creativity and persistence leads us every day! We are all highly intelligent gamers therefore we focus on smart, thrilling and stylish games.

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Mantas Eigirdas

Founder, Game Designer & Developer


Ignas Versickas

Audio & Video Artist


Khoa Ngo Quang

Game Developer


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